My Favorite Things: PC wins over Mac

By Brittany Butterfield.
The PC vs. Mac topic has got to end. Some prefer PCs, some people prefer Mac, although I can’t imagine why. I have a PC, it allows entertainment, upgrades and all aspects presented in the computer world. I am also realistic enough to believe my computer will stop working, but I will be lucky enough to drive down the street to a PC repair store, and have it back in a couple of hours, while Mac lovers can ship theirs to Apple, and have it back in their egotistical hands in a couple of days, if not weeks. Macs pride themselves about how they are all made from the same people. That is not a good thing. If you pick a PC and don’t like it, you can find one that fits your style and needs, or even create one. With a Mac, you get what you bought-sorry. Macs are an all-in-one thing; if you spill something into your monitor there is no choice to just change out the monitors. With PCs you can take apart just about everything and adjust it. Macs have a big metal sheet stopping you from the rest of the hardware. PCs always give the choice to upgrade, but if your Mac isn’t cutting it for you, or stops working, your only option to upgrade is to buy a new computer. Options. That is what PCs are all about. Linux is designed for PC, completely free. Where is Mac’s free operating system? I’m a person who loves to multitask, and my computer is great for it. Needless to say, Apple is still working on it. They are too busy fine-tuning their iPhone to create an essential operating system. Bottom line here, PCs have what you want and need to outperform Macs: again freedom to explore and expand your computer, to be an individual. Sure, Macs have fewer viruses and worms, but they still have them, coming with an expensive, difficult-to-mod machine that becomes obsolete in a few short years. PCs are the same, but they are cheaper, and more cost effective. Macs are still priced to high. The Apple stores, as well as have created a set pricing standard for all things that are Mac. While in the PC world there are multiple manufacturers, tons of retail stores, sales, and cheap refurbished parts. You can get a cheap PC laptop anywhere, they are different in quality to the cheapest Mac, but it is family friendly. No kid that just needs to print out a report for school needs a high-priced, over-advertised, computer. Families need less-expensive options, and for $500, the only thing Apple sells that has a screen and reads email is an iPhone or an iTouch. A Mac may be white and shiny, but where is the entertainment and compatibility? For the gamers, a PC is the only reasonable choice to make. You can buy an assortment of titles. Widely known is GameTap, which for Macs only works on ones that are Intel, and not for all the titles. There is also the difficulty switching out graphic cards, being not as convenient. There is just no compatibility. Macs make themselves sound spectacular by