My favorite things: Traveling

Written by: Sylvie Xieng
The spirit of summer always puts one thing in BCC students’ minds: vacation! And with the sub-par summer weather lingering ever since May, I have never wanted to escape more than ever. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be somewhere I’m not. “Why settle for one place when you have the world,” my mom would tell me and to this day she is always sitting right next to me on the red-eye to Australia or the layover to New York. Traveling is sometimes seen as a hassle, but for me it is a privilege. Whether it is a short drive to visit my friends in Bellingham or a thirteen hour flight to Bangkok; all are worth shoving my entire life into a tiny suitcase last minute. I have to admit, I have a secret fondness for airports. I guess ridiculously priced food and mile long ladies’ room lines are my cup of tea, but the actual airplanes on the other hand aren’t really my favorite thing. (Especially flying alone to Germany with three layovers in the smallest plane ever created) I swear I have been on every plane that has gone through Sea-tac’s gates. Personally, the best airlines to fly on are United Air, for their speedy and efficient service, AirTran Airways for their affordable ticket prices and an awesome on-flight movie selection and Virgin America. Their ticket prices are also easy on the wallet and any flight with Virgin America is an experience. My six hour flight to Maryland was a party the whole way with colorful lights and Caribbean music. Anything to get my mind of the movie “Cast Away” is a plus for me. I haven’t been able to wet my traveling appetite recently but the most memorable vacation for me was to the south, or more specifically Pensacola, Florida. I had the privilege of visiting New Orleans on my drive down there and saw so many things that changed my life. This is why I love traveling. Not only for leisure purposes, but to learn more about a region’s culture and get a feel of how the rest of the world lives. It really makes you realize that the world does not revolve around only what you are used to.