Myth Buster: Spring Styles

Although the sun may have not come out as much as it does in other places around the country, when it makes a little surprise “hello,” us Washingtonians take notice. And for a second time in this past week, we had a little taste of what is to come for spring, and immediately when I think spring, I think of the fact that I finally get to take off my puffy jacket and trade it in for some less gloomy clothes.

So for this week, I will be talking less about myths and instead be giving advice on what to wear and what you can expect to be in style this spring.


Advice:  Color block!

Why: I know this was also in last year, but it seems we just can’t get enough. This year designers like Sophie Theallet, Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger all had some color blocking in their spring collection. Glamour Magazine tells readers that this look can take any simple outfit and make it look “glam.” They advise to keep it low-key and stick to three colors max so you don’t distract from the overall look.

Advice:  Bold prints.

Why: Now reading about this new trend seems like a very interesting idea, but to be honest I don’t know how many people can pull it off. But you might as well give it a try! When I say bold prints, I don’t mean your usual cheetah. I mean eye-popping, weird, polygon, tropical jungle-type stuff that makes everyone you pass do a double-take. You can either choose to go all out and have the print all over, or you can choose to just pick one item of clothing to make a statement. Another idea that Cynthia Rowley had in her spring collection was to take the whole outfit, have the same print, but use different colors so it was bold but not cluttered.

Advice:  Orange and tangerine.

Why: I have never been a fan of orange, but looking at orange clothing for this coming spring and bathing suits for summer, I might just have to change my mind. Orange and tangerines are actually a really good choice when wanting to look like you have an extra glow. If you can find the right shade and the right clothing item, it can make you look sun-kissed and very cute.

Advice:  Metallic!

Why: Metallic isn’t only an option when thinking of something to wear to your Greek-themed school dance. Now it has taken over the runway. Just like the eye-popping bold prints, metallic basics are a new way to capture people’s attention while ironically maintaining a simple but futuristic look. Pair metallic bottoms with a solid colored top and possibly some jewelry to match, and you’ve got yourself one trendy outfit.


This is just a little taste of what you can expect to be popular this spring. Hope I gave you some awesome outfit ideas for when the flowers start to bloom!