New system at the BC Financial Aid Office

SOURCE: Blogspot
SOURCE: Blogspot

Students here at Bellevue College know what it feels like to stand in the Financial Aid Office line for long durations of time, especially at the start of a new quarter! To make everything easier and a little less time consuming for the students, the Financial Aid Office has graciously taken students’ feedback to implement a couple of changes for smoother future experiences!

According to Melanie Ruiz, the Assistant Director of Financial Aid, the office will now be open on Thursday mornings from 8 a.m. until noon. Not only that but they have decided to try out a “Take a Number” system which will ultimately benefit the student.

With this new system, students will no longer need to stand in line: they can simply take a number and return at their convenience.  Ruiz said that this system also, “allows for greater privacy for those students speaking with a financial aid advisor at the front counter.”

But take note: the numbers will only be valid the day it is pulled and students must be present when their number is called.  If they are not there when their number is called, they must restart the whole process again by taking a new number. If done correctly, this system will surely work benefit the students, saving them time in line or by allowing students to come after class if the line is too long.

If students have any questions or concerns about the new process, they are encourage to contact the Financial Aid Office during our office hours in B125 or they can call (425) 564-2227.