Newport High School Places Second in International Rocketry Challenge

Photo by Steve Jurvetson

After competing against 724 teams from 41 different states and winning the American Rocketry Challenge back in May, Newport High School placed second in the International Rocketry Challenge while representing the United States. 

This competition was held in London and according to The American Rocketry Challenge, “The International Rocketry Challenge is the final competition between the best and biggest student rocketry competitions across the globe.” 

The Newport High School team consisted of 10 students who were challenged to design, build and launch rockets. Hannah Saunders from the Bellevue Reporter shared that, “Teams were required to launch two raw hen eggs 835 feet into the air while safely returning the eggs to earth within 41-44 seconds.” Saunders added that, “The international competition allows middle and high schoolers to design, build and launch model rockets to precise requirements, with the goal of inspiring students to pursue careers in aerospace or STEM.”

The final results for the International Rocketry Challenge were the following: 

  1. Japan 
  2. USA 
  3. France 
  4. UK

For more information about the American Rocketry Challenge and the International Rocketry Challenge, visit the rocket contest website.