Photography Club: Spring has arrived

Photo courtesy of BC Photography Club

Spring, photography, fashion, free food and raffle. What’s not to love about these?

On June 5-7, BC’s Photography Club is going to collaborate with Fashion Club to present “Spring. People. Fashion.”—a photography exhibition at the “fish tank,” which is also known as the lounge area opposite to the café in the C building. Cookies and drinks will be served once students sign in at the entrance of the exhibition. Hours are 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and admission is free.

Not only will there be pretty photographs and free food, the Photography Club has also given students a very good reason to stop by the “fish tank” by setting up professional lighting and equipment at the venue for on-the-spot photo shoots.

Anyone going to the exhibition can have their portraits taken for free by student photographers/members of the Photography Club, and the pictures will be uploaded to the club’s Facebook page for retrieval. The club is also selling one-dollar raffle tickets, with the prize being an instant film camera.

The aspiration of “Spring. People. Fashion.” is simple—to capture and depict  the wonderful  everything of spring; the name  of the exhibition is quite self-explanatory as outdoor portrait photography is going to be the main feature of most work shown.

In order to take pictures that seize the essence of such theme, members from the Photography Club are pairing up with Fashion Club members in photo shoots where the latter pose as models. Ten pairs of photographers and models are participating in this event, and according to Joaquim Lei, president of the Photography Club and Fashion Club member, the clubs are anticipating putting up 40-50 photos.

The photographer-model pairs are doing the photo shoots in different locations including the BC campus, Seattle Japanese Garden, Somerset and Bellevue Botanical Garden; the choice of these is motivated by the intention to show off the fabulous spring weather.

Joining forces with the Fashion Club, another aim of this event, as stated by the president of the Fashion Club, Michael Yoon, is to draw attention to the latest spring fashion trends.

The fact that most models taking part in the event are Asians is a deliberate arrangement hoping to resonate with the celebration of the Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May. For both the photographers and models, this exhibition is a precious opportunity to present to the rest of the school their work and passion about photography, and to gain experience in photo shoots.

Alex Loong, project manager of the upcoming exhibition, said that this event is of the largest scale compared to their previous functions.

“Spring. People. Fashion.” is indeed the fourth exhibition the Photography Club has put together since its establishment in fall 2010 by Japanese student Nao Chikama who was then enrolled in the IBP program. The earlier exhibitions have all concentrated on landscape photography that featured Seattle scenery.

“This is the last quarter of mine here at BC, and I want to make memories last,” said Lei. If there is one thing we can be certain of, it is that photos make memories. So as far as that is concerned, Lei has unquestionably succeeded.