Proof of Area 51 existence and governmnet alien testing

Also known as Groom Lake or Dreamland, Area 51 is an Air Force base located about 150 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, where it is said that government scientists allegedly reverse-engineer highly advanced technology made by aliens. Some say the government also uses that area to study time travel. Since the rumors started going around about Area 51, so did rumors about plenty of UFO sightings located in that spot. The rumors are true, and here is the evidence that proves so.
The government has barely commented on Area 51 speculations, and said that the details are classified for purposes of national security. This is only seen as proof that the military is hiding aliens or alien spacecraft. Apparently, the government also uses the area to interrogate captured aliens. According to an article written for How Stuff Works by Patrick J. Kiger, a man named Bob Lazar, who describes himself as an Area 51 scientist, who was hired briefly as a researcher there. “he has recalled that while being guided down a hallway at S-4 [a part of Area 51], he momentarily glanced through a small window and caught a glimpse of a small, gray extraterrestrial standing between two men dressed in white coats,” Kiger writes. “Before he could get a better look, he was pushed by a guard who told him to stop looking and keep moving.”
There have been accounts of the government trying to reverse-engineer alien technology, to eventually use for military purposes. Lazar claims that “he saw flying saucers, apparently extraterrestrial in origin. They were powered by antimatter reactors, fueled by a mysterious reddish-orange substance called Element 115,” according to Kiger. “The device generated a ‘gravity wave’ so powerful that if you threw a golf ball in its direction, the ball would bounce off.” Lazar was later fired from the job after he was caught with his friends out in the desert at night, showing them test flights of the captured saucers.
I also know for a fact that the fake moon landing was staged at Area 51. If the government wants to stage a moon landing without anyone ever finding out, they would never want to shoot it at a Hollywood studio due to the political catastrophe that would follow the exposure. Area 51 is the perfect location, being a remote, top-secret military installation that the general public wasn’t even aware of at the time.
The number of UFO sightings is currently at an all-time high. Beginning in 1955, there have been countless sightings of “unidentified flying objects” that were reported around Area 51. Many have filed reports regarding mysterious aircrafts being tested, spotted mostly from airplanes passing by. This leads to the peculiar incidences of airplanes flying through that area being shot down with no explanation. There are quite a few audio broadcasts and videos of these occurrences. The planes were shot down by government officials doing secret testing in Area 51, who were afraid that upon being spotted their secret would be out to the world.
Skeptics will argue that the rumors behind Area 51 can’t possibly be real, simply because aliens aren’t real. However, there have been so many alien life forms and UFOs spotted that it’s difficult to deny their existence if one is educated and open-minded enough to see the truth. The planets, stars and galaxies that can be seen now only make up about four percent of what is out there. It’s completely absurd to assume that out in the billions and billions of solar systems and galaxies that exist, that we are the only advanced life form.