Receive a Free $25 ORCA Card by Filling Out a Survey

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

Move Redmond is offering the opportunity for people to share how the light rail will affect their trips from Bellevue to Redmond to receive a $25 ORCA card. 

Construction of the East Link light rail started in the spring of 2017, with the majority of the construction finishing in 2022. When fully in service, possibly in 2024, the light rail line will extend 14 miles with 10 stations stretching from downtown Seattle to Mercer Island to Bellevue and Redmond. 

The East Link light rail’s goal right now is to cut the 40-minute bus trip commute between Bellevue and Redmond in half. Sound Transit has almost completed all of the stations between Bellevue and the Overlake neighborhood of Redmond. Sound Transit wants to open them as soon as possible to build public trust and leverage the city’s investments in light rails.

Opening these stations will also offer more transit options for people living, working or traveling between Redmond and Bellevue. The stations also offer more pedestrian and bicycle options, like the Overlake Village bicycle and pedestrian bridge. 

By filling out this survey, you can receive a $25 ORCA card for sharing your perspective. The deadline is before the Sound Transit Board Meeting on Jan. 26.