Seahawks’ record at 5-2 after loss to the Ravens

Last Sunday night, the Seahawks returned to Centurylink Field to play against the Baltimore Ravens led by quarterback Lamar Jackson. Although the Seahawks were able to keep it close for the majority of the game, Jackson’s rushing yards and Seattle’s mishaps ultimately sent fans home dissatisfied. On top of a mid-game surprise against Wilson, the Seahawks could not come back: The ending score was 16-30.

Kicking off the game with possession, Lamar Jackson, scrambling, completed a deep bomb to receiver Miles Boykin for 50 yards. Despite good completions from Jackson, Seahawks’ defense would hold the Ravens to a field goal, ending the early run; after a successful field goal for 25 yards, the Ravens took an early lead of 3-0. Even though the Ravens’ defense prevented the Seahawks from scoring a touchdown in the first quarter, Wilson answered back transitioning into the second quarter.

Starting the second quarter, Wilson put the Seahawks in the lead with a magical pass to diving receiver, Tyler Lockett, for a touchdown. After the conversion of the extra point from Myers, the score was now 7-3. Due to a 28-yard rush from Jackson alongside a long completion, the Ravens completed a field goal again, making the score 7-6. Mimicking the Ravens’ drive, the Seahawks also settled for a field goal upon possession. Despite a defensive stop, Wilson met with a record-ending surprise: a pick six. Intended for receiver Jaron Brown, Ravens’ cornerback Marcus Peters gave Wilson his first interception of the year; this put the Ravens up 13-10 with five minutes remaining in the quarter. Making use of the little time, Wilson hit Locket with a deep floater in the middle for 33 yards which presented the Seahawks another attempt to score. Even though the Ravens’ defense prevented another touchdown, the Seahawks completed a field goal, ending the first half tied 13-13.

Starting the second half, the score was 13-13 throughout the third quarter until Jackson ran in for a touchdown on a risky fourth down. This gave the Ravens a seven-point lead going into the fourth quarter. Giving the Seahawks no room to thrive, the Ravens defense stopped Seattle’s offense multiple times and convert a field goal. Facing being down 23-13, Wilson threw what appeared to be, at first, a completion to receiver D.K Metcalf, but ended up being a fumble after Metcalf lost control of the ball. As a result, the Ravens returned a touchdown after the fumble and put the game away.

Wilson ended the night with 20 catches out of 41 attempts for 241 yards, one interception, and one touchdown. Jackson finished with nine catches out of 20 attempts for 143 yards but rushed 116 yards for one touchdown.

With the combined efforts of Jackson’s rushing yards and the Ravens’ defense scoring two touchdowns on Seattle, it was simply too large of a deficit to come back from.

In a postgame conference with head coach Pete Caroll, he stated, “I thought Lamar Jackson was phenomenal… it wasn’t on their design runs, it was on the scramble runs that he was so explosive. He’s faster than he looks, was faster than we saw on film. There weren’t missed tackles, he just ran around people and found a way.”

“It was a tight game between two really good teams… [the Ravens] made their plays on third downs and we, unfortunately, weren’t able to, so that was the name of the game,” Wilson commented in a postgame conference.

Going into week eight, the Seahawks will be looking to turn things around in Atlanta against the Falcons next Sunday night.