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ASG Elections begin

April 7, 2009 0

It is that time again, to scramble through applicants, watch their campaigns, and elect new officers for the Associated Student Government. There are 12 position openings within the Executive Board, […]

Nude students on hold for club garden

April 1, 2009 0

Does an institution have the right to define the freedom of self expression of its constituents? A small group of students at the college are asking their government that very […]

Pro skater hosts BCC tournament

April 1, 2009 0

Go big or go home. Catch air or bail out. Try an ollie or grind the half-pipe. These known skateboarding terms are riding their way to the College campus. Over […]

Campus bans ‘smoking huts’

April 1, 2009 0

We walk by them all the time on campus, the little huts with the green roofs and translucent windows that provide shelter for all the smokers here at the College. […]

ASG funds podcasting conference at WSU

March 2, 2009 0

By Patrick Farricker. At last Tuesday’s Associated Student Government (ASG) board meeting, the ASG voted 5-1-0 to give The Edge of Sound (BCC’s podcasting club) $2003.52 in order to attend […]

Student victim of hit and run on campus

March 2, 2009 0

By Elizabeth Ballinger. BCC Public Safety and Bellevue Police are still looking for the driver of a maroon hatchback who reportedly hit and abandoned a pedestrian on BCC campus February […]

New state cut for BCC estimated at $5.1 mil

March 2, 2009 0

By Brook Stallings. On Wednesday in room C120, Vice President of Administrative Services Rachel Solemsaas gave BCC faculty and staff an “Update of Budget Strategies” Tuition and class fees at […]

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