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OPINION: Anxiety Rampant in Seattle

November 7, 2021 0

The U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey conducted a new survey from Sept. 29 to Oct. 11. In this, 54.5 percent of surveyed adults from King, Pierce and Snohomish counties […]

OPINION: The Current State of Journalism

October 31, 2021 0

In the past two decades with the rise of the internet and social media, the way we gather news and information has changed drastically. In 2007, iPhones introduced themselves to […]

OPINION: AT&T, OANN and Misinformation

October 24, 2021 0

Last year feels like it was a lifetime away. We were all at home because of the pandemic, people were hoarding toilet paper and seemingly everyone was making whipped coffee […]

OPINION: The Devil Went Down to Utah

March 14, 2021 0

So… we need to talk. Just this Wednesday, Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, called the national voting rights legislation H.R.1 a bill “written in hell by the devil […]

OPINION: Forget Waldo, Where’s Biden?

March 14, 2021 0

Every presidential administration has promised transparency and accountability, but controversies, scandals and hidden agendas have seemed to be inseparable from the White House since George Washington and won’t be going […]

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