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Please no more movie sequels

July 21, 2009 0

I am really having a hard time understanding why so many people fall in to the trap of movie sequels. As the box office stats report, only 32% of sequels […]

Michael Jackson: Not so strange

July 14, 2009 0

Something has happened to me that I’m not sure ever has before. I find myself in agreement with the Reverend Alfred Sharpton. I agreed with Sharpton when he stood at […]

Murder is wrong, no matter what

June 30, 2009 0

The Death of George Tiller should be troubling to everyone, regardless of how they feel about what he did for a living. For those who aren’t familiar with his story, […]

School is cool, fool

June 9, 2009 0

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to get a full, interesting, stimulating secular education before even having to think about how to be employable. Unfortunately, for a generation […]

It’s who you know

June 9, 2009 0

Some people have become professional students furthering their education, hoping that someday it will lead to  bigger, better jobs. However, it is being shown that in today’s society education takes […]

Protect the vulnerable

May 26, 2009 0

Note: This opinion is part of a point-counterpoint responding to: “Every summer,  hundreds of boating enthusiasts in the US drown as a direct result of drunken negligence. Is this Darwinism […]

High schoolers can work and study too

May 12, 2009 0

I find it absolutely ridiculous and frankly rather insulting that some public high schools forbid their students to hold jobs during the week. Just because some students do not need […]

Texting lingo: Not for the spoken word

May 5, 2009 0

I love when people use lingo in real life like “whatev’s” and “I will ‘def’ be there”. It kind of makes a person sound, perhaps, moronic. understand if it slips […]

Grades teach you to work, not think

May 5, 2009 0

I  believe that our institution’s grading and education systems are merely products of bureaucracy’s increasingly defined role in today’s concomitant society. I don’t see how these factors are relevant in […]

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