Unidentified Flying Objects: Do they exist?

Source: freakingnews.com

Everyone has heard the stories. Everyone has grown up with the rumors, the whispers passed from ear to ear, crossing state lines, country lines and vast oceans. There was an impact. A catastrophic event that began an echo, then a wave, then a flood, impeding history once upon a time ago, changing the face of the Earth. Changing hope within the universe.
Unidentified Flying Objects.

And apparently one in five worldly civilians believe in aliens or that they have seen a UFO in their lifetime.

Now, chances are about 20 percent of readers nodded in intrigue, and the other 80 percent started laughing, but the possibility of extraterrestrial life has been a controversial issue and debate around the world for decades, centuries – possibly since the very start of human civilization when man first turned skyward and stared at the vastness of stars in space.

Science fiction and the real deal, however, are two very different concepts.

There is the belief in alien life – taking judgment on the fact that there are mass clumps of entire galaxies – hundreds of thousands of spiral, elliptical, irregular galaxies – surrounding our own and filling the universe, each with their own number of stars and solar systems. The science of cosmology, astronomy, astrobiology – an overall attempt to get a better answer to questions of the universe then “42.”

Then there is the belief in popular song titles such as Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, feature Hollywood films like “Independence Day” and dangerous new religions, groups, clans and cults that bare more questions in faith then answers of any legitimate kind whatsoever. Is there a limit between holding an interest in something plausible and taking belief to another level though? An obsession, where most start to scan for answers that have no answers in all the wrong places?

Take Alien Abductions Incorporated for instance. And every site like it taking advantage of people for holding an interest in the unknown and the science of space. Conducting it’s business through the world wide web, AAI is a service for those willing to pay to have their own alien invasions done while they wait for the real thing to beam them up from their corporate meetings and cubicle desk spaces.

Roswell, Area 51, YouTube videos, rumors – chances are with all the clutter of rumors and stories on Earth, it will be quite a long time before we ever get the chance to come face-to-face with something out of this world. Some of us know what we see, what we believe and what our values are. Some of us can’t tell whether we want to laugh or cringe at the very idea of mentioning UFOs and aliens being real. The unknown is frightening. But each and every one of us is obligated to fill up that unknown by how we see fit.

What is out there? Are we alone? Millions ask themselves every day what they should believe, what they should see fit and worry about the thoughts of those around them. And whether you believe in aliens, UFOs or secret CIA airplane test-flights is all up to you.