Talking Heads: BC Students on Election Night

November 4, 2020 0

The 2020 elections have been some of the most contentious and consequential in American history. There have been numerous controversial state races, but the spotlight has been upon the presidential […]

Student Stories

May 4, 2018 0

Chad Butler: “I’m a running start student and interested in the STEM program! Right now, I’m pursuing my higher education in math. Here at BC everyone is really open and […]

What is your favorite movie quote?

April 13, 2018 0

Di Zhao: “‘Anyone can be anything,’ from Zootopia.”   Mark Yang: “‘I’ll be back’ from the Terminator.”   Natalie Mathis: “From The Breakfast Club, ‘spend a little more time trying […]

What’s your Screamo Band Name?

February 2, 2018 0

      Kris Risess “The Four Horsemen of the Rockpocolipss” Bryce Hardy “Wu Tang Clan” Anusha isngh “Glass Basher” Timilin Travers “Bold and Brash” Andrew Mcmillin “Imperial Neanderthal”

Student stories

February 1, 2018 0

  Erika Lamothe: “A winter memory that I have is, every Christmas me and my family would drive up to Maine from Rochester, New York to stay with my grandparents. […]

What’s better: Warm or cold pizza?

January 23, 2018 0

  Bryce Hardy: “Cold: it’s more enjoyable and not greasy.”           Marko Iakic: “Cold or warm: Depends on where you get it, also. Costco pizza cold […]

What is your New Years resolution?

January 8, 2018 0

Makenzie Milton: “To always see the positive side in everything.” Maddy Milton: “Going to the gym at least 6 times a week.” Jeanyah Vuu: “Go out for a run and […]

What is the meaning of life?

October 11, 2017 0

  Makoto Okuyama: “Knowing God”   Hailey Walker: “The meaning of life is pointless.”   Aja Oakford: “New experiences.”   Sayra Guerrero: “The meaning of life is to live for […]