Student Stories

Chad Butler: “I’m a running start student and interested in the STEM program! Right now, I’m pursuing my higher education in math. Here at BC everyone is really open and welcoming. All of the teachers and other students are friendly. It’s my home away from home!”

Chandler Creason: “I’m a 1st year in the game design program. I’ve played games all my life and it’s something that I’m really passionate about that! What I love about BC is that it’s cheap and close, but it’s also the people here are very welcoming and open about anything.”

Tomas Nguyen: “1st year Bellevue college! I’m really enjoying it so far, there’s a wide verity of people and a really nice campus. I don’t really want a traditional degree, I want to become a professional gamer and I’m learning all about it at BC by other people! At BC there is a diverse group of people and personalities!”

Chiaki Yoshikawa: “I came here this past March from Japan. I am here at Bellevue College as an IBP student, IBP stands for International Business Profession. My major in Japan is Literature and my hope is to gain business knowledge and experience here at BC. I hope to improve my English skills and communication skills because sometimes it hard to state my opinion with confidence, even in Japanese. I think achieving something with others as a team and have good outcomes can help me grow in confidence.”

Keenan Brown: “I love that there are a lot of clubs, tutoring, and what I am studying here at BC. I am earning my AA degree and it has also been a place I feel that I truly belong, by finding my circle of friends. I am passionate about learning languages and math. I also like studying different cultures. I grew around multicultural diversity all my life.”

Julia Fontes: “I was born in Brazil and raised there until I was 16 years old. A week after my 16th birthday I moved to the US, where I had to adapt to a different culture. Even though, I was fluent in English when I moved here, it was still really hard to have the confidence to speak, considering my accent. It was hard at first to build new friendships with people outside of the Brazilian community because I was so insecure about my accent. I am currently a running start student at Bellevue College and plan to graduate from high school and earn my AA degree the end of spring 2019. BC was essential for the building up of my confidence of speaking. As well as building new friendships with people from all over the world.”