“Avengers: Infinity War” in theaters

By: Isabella Paxton

The moment has arrived. The movie that Marvel has literally spent over ten years leading up to has finally come out. Some of the most epic actors from all over the world have geared up to shoot this film and all of them are fighting for at least a couple minutes of screen time. Every single bonus scene, every single panel, and tiny but of leaked information has lead up to this movie and I only have one though: it sucked.

I, along with every other Marvel fan, was super excited for Infinity War. This movie was supposed to be the crossover of all crossovers, it was supposed to be full of a perfect mix of awesome battle scenes and hilarious banter, and it was supposed to be resolved by the end of the three hours but no. Oh nono, we did not get what we bargained for.

The movie started out relatively well, with Loki getting murdered at his fastest rate yet and Thor, rocking his new pirate eye patch and short haircut, getting blasted into oblivion. Always fun to watch. Except not really. The plot improved a little bit from there, with Dr. Strange and Tony Stark setting each other off like sparks on the largest pile of kindling known to man. Then the rest of the movie continued to be just that. Specific superheroes meeting other superheroes for the first time ever and just being….really confused.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie. At least, I was loving it until the very end. I thought they did a fantastic job of building everything up for the big two parter which, for the first time in a long time, is actually necessary. I understand that they had to introduce all of the characters to the other ones and I get that certain things had to happen and I was fine with what was essentially three hours of different groups of people saying “I’m not the bad guy, you are.” “No you are.” “No, you are!” Over and over again and then breaking off into smaller groups like a class splitting up for group projects except their job was to underestimate Thanos.

I was totally fine and cool with this necessarily dry plot until Marvel crossed the line once and for all. Now, I am incredibly forgiving person. Especially towards Marvel, who once literally called me an idiot for staying after the credits to watch a thirty second clip, but even I have my limits. And killing Spiderman was my limit.

I don’t care if you love, hate, or like Spiderman, killing him was unacceptable. Spiderman was the only representation the whole Marvel Universe had of innocence (excluding Hawkeye’s kids who we only see once and never think about again). He was a high school kid whose closest thing to a father figure was a billionaire in a flying metal suit. All he wanted to do was help out Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers and, like every other teenager in the world, had absolutely no grasp on his own mortality. Now, I might have forgiven killing the precious child if it had been quick and easy like the rest of them but what did Marvel do? They gave him special dialogue as he was disappearing into the sky like the ashes of a relative. The poor kid clutched onto Tony Stark for dear life saying “I don’t want to go.” And that was the precise moment where I lost my mind.

If I look at the movie as a whole, it was brilliant. The cliffhanger was well placed, leaving the audience with no clue as to what will happen next – which is something I am very bitter about – but all I have to say in conclusion is that in the second movie whoever writes the script for Marvel better find a way to bring that springy little bean sprout back to life or there will be some very real avengers walking the streets of New York.