Spouting off about the candidates: John McCain

By Britten Kai Stark

As Americans, we embrace our freedoms. We talk about our right to vote, and our right to vote for whomever we see fit. We also have the right to express our opinions and to have elected officials who reflect the great diversity we have in our country.

America needs dual-party control in Washington D.C. Currently, both the House and the Senate are controlled by the Democrats. Single-party control is what sends this country into crisis. With so much uncertainty about our economic future, we need decisions to be made with collaboration from both of the major parties.

McCain has proven through his leadership experience that he can be a mediator between parties to accomplish common goals. Now, more than ever, we need someone in the White House who will foster strong bonds between parties.

In the last year, McCain has voted with his party 88.1 percent of the time. He is consistant in his values, but can see when compromise is necessary. He has stood against party pressures and listened to the American People when deciding what is right for America.

Obama consistantly has voted with his party more than 97 percent of the time. This election, we have the chance to stand up for American rights, our rights, and keep our system of Checks and Balances intact.

McCain’s 22 years of experience in the US Congress are proof that he is a stable and reliable leader. He has consistently shown integrity in his actions, and his record proves that he has considered the issues carefully rather than simply with his party.

Obama had only 143 days, a time shorter than two BCC quarters, of congressional experience when he announced his intention to run for president. During those 143 days, he missed 43.6 percent of his votes.

McCain has the integrity that our country needs in a leader. For 23 years he served in the US Military. He sacrificed the comfortable upper-class lifestyle that he was born into and joined the military. He has put our country before himself, and he will continue to put our country before himself.

McCain is a moderate, middle of the road kind of republican. His attitudes and values reflect what we need in the White House. Our country needs someone who can work side by side with both parties to reach mutually agreeable outcomes. He is liked and respected as a leader by both republicans and democrats.

We need someone in Washington D.C. who will be willing to sacrifice for our country, to put our interests above his own. We need someone who will create change, carefully and reasonably. We need someone who will be respected by both parties. We need someone with the experience and reliability to do so. We need John McCain.
Note: Opinions expressed above