Spruce your face up with some spring makeup tips

Images courtesy of http//:chickspeak.com
Images courtesy of http//:chickspeak.com

If you want to reinvent yourself this spring, try doing something completely different with your makeup using these spring makeup tips.

Mascara is a key component to the accentuation of the eyes – don’t use as much eyeliner, just a light thin line, and then apply mascara to lengthen your lashes. Using less eyeliner, and just putting mascara, gives your face a more natural look.

Black eyeliner is one of the most popular cosmetics. During the spring however, you don’t need to use as much. Draw a thin line on the upper lid and don’t put any on the bottom. The mascara will make your eyes look dark enough, especially with added eye shadows. Mascara will also bring out the natural color of your eyes more without the added harshness of eyeliner.

Eye shadow
Darker eye shadows such as black and bronze are colors that are perfect for winter. In the spring however, it is important to keep things light and bright. Some of the most popular colors for the spring season are various blues, violets, and light pinks. Apply the eye shadow darker at the bottom of the lid and lighter at the top. Combining different colored eye shadows is also a popular spring trend.

Foundation is one of the most important cosmetics, as it acts as a base for your face. Make sure you choose a color that accurately matches your skin tone. Don’t worry if your foundation is really light, you can always use blush or bronzer to brighten up your skin tone.

Pink cheeks are a perfect Spring-time look. There are many different shades of blush, but I would suggest using a light/neutral pink blush on your cheek bones very lightly. Don’t apply blush in excess, otherwise you will look more sun burnt than sun kissed.

There are many different shades of bronzer as well, and it is important to pick a shade that compliments your skin tone and foundation. After you have picked the perfect shade, apply the bronzer lightly on your forehead, chin, and the perimeter of your face, then apply the bronzer a little darker on your cheek bones. This prevents you from looking like you just have brown cheeks instead of a light overall tan on your face.

Lipstick/Lip gloss
Since you’re going for a light natural on the eyes it is important to keep your lips natural looking too – just add a light pink or neutral colored lipstick or gloss. Even using a clear shiny lip gloss would be a springy lip look. Avoid darker shades of lipstick that are more appropriate for fall or winter.
Spring is a wonderful season to try new things with your makeup.
The natural look is definitely a popular trend for the season, so go easy on the deep eye shadow and eyeliner colors.
Focus on keeping your eyes and lips soft and light. Using light colors such as blues, pinks, and purples will accentuate the beauty of your natural features while still mixing it up a little.