Study haven at 148th Ave. Coffee Shop

Photograph by Benj Salkind

Finals are quickly approaching at Bellevue College, and many students enjoy studying, connecting with classmates and relaxing at the 148th Ave. Coffee Shop, located in the Champions Center at the entrance to BC. The store is open from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on weekdays, close enough to the Bellevue College Campus for students to access free Wi-Fi, adequate table space and a cozy site to relax after exams or study for classes.

Regular customers have grown accustom to 148th Ave.’s friendly staff and are appreciative of the interactive relationships established by each barista. 148th is a great place to network and meet new faces, as many agree that “everyone loves Daniel,” says Alex Rembold, a Running Start student at Bellevue College. Daniel Mejia, a consistent presence at 148th, likes to be known simply as “the guy who runs the coffee shop.” Before working as a barista at 148th, he would visit up to three times a week to study. He enjoyed the creative, contemporary environment, and soon chose to work there.

“148th sees all kinds of people from Bellevue College, international students, interns, and plenty more,” says Majia. 148th’s allure can be attributed to its abundance of televisions, comfortable seating and “the music is great, they have the best music” says Peter Amelia, who visits the store as frequently as four times a week, sometimes multiple times in one day. Amerlia enjoys the relaxed, modern environment, as opposed to the constant “sterile, college vibe” in the classrooms or cafeteria of Bellevue College. 148th is close enough to visit between classes, but provides the relaxation and profusion of rich, creamy and warm aromas only found in a traditional coffee house.

Many 148th regulars are pleased by the highly satisfying taste of the beverages, which are personalized and crafted daily with expertise. Amy Robles says “the cappuccinos are reminiscent of the time I spent in Italy”.  Robles indicated that the prices are equivalent to what will be found at a chain coffee store, but that the “awesome environment and customer connections are way better than at Starbucks or Tully’s.”

There are a variety of menu specials available to 148th Ave. customers including a half sandwich, half Americano deal, as well as any smoothie for the price of $3.50. First time visitors are promised a free beverage, in anticipation of return visits in the future. Outdoor seating is available on days with good weather, suitable for the approaching summer months.

148th Ave. Coffee Shop holds open mic nights on Tuesdays, and conference rooms are made available for meetings. Open forum discussions take place on 148th’s website, Facebook and Twitter page. To learn more about events and opportunities taking place at 148th Ave. Coffee Shop, stop by the store for a delicious beverage or keep posted online by following 148th’s Facebook or Twitter page.