Taking a closer look at the Geek Pit

A historical and cultural study

By Kaitlin Strohschein

For almost a decade, the ways and history of the people of the Geek Pit have remained enigmatic to the outside world. However, after a bit of study, their customs become less opaque and the significance of their BCC heritage comes into focus.Geek Pitters in their natural habitat

Shawn Herr, a Geek Pit citizen said that it has been around for “years upon years upon years.” The Pit was founded in 1999 by a group of Live Action Role Players (LARPers) who used the C-Building’s spiral staircase as a castle. However, the days of the castle-stairway were short lived; fire safety codes prohibited the use of chairs under the stairs.

The Pit’s current territory extends from the student lounge’s piano to its fireplace.

“It’s our theory that’s why they built the fireplace,” said Nick H. a college graduate and long-time Pit dweller.

Typically, the geeks meet around the table closest to the stairway, but occasionally they spread to the table closest to the fireplace.