Talking Heads: BC Students on the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented event, spawning global lockdowns and requiring new patterns of life for people all over the world. It can be easy to get caught up in the big picture of COVID-19 and forget to think about how it is impacting our own community, so we asked several BC students how the pandemic has affected their lives socially, mentally and academically.

Qasim Ali

“Although it has been tough not seeing my friends at school or elsewhere, we still manage to talk every day through gaming or social media, so I’d say we are mitigating the results of quarantine rather than solving them! Mentally, it’s been tough especially since I go to school in the same room I sleep in. It can get stressful because I’m always thinking of school even when I am relaxing. Academically, although the stress is bad, I have been doing better with classes because of it, as my grades have taken a solid jump. There’s definitely something to be said for Canvas’ module-based learning!”

Claire Anderson

“Being in the graduating class of 2020, the pandemic has taken away many opportunities, and experiences that are a rite of passage for Americans. No graduation, no prom, no senior traditions, no freshman year of college (in person at least). My social life is drastically different. I went from seeing many people at school each day, to seeing only a couple friends occasionally. However, in many ways, this pandemic has given me time to grow, improve myself, and form new, beneficial habits. For that, I am grateful. It also eased the transition from high-school academics, to college level academics, since distractions are so minimal. It gave [me] time to spend with family, and our foster kids as well!

It has taken a toll on my (and many others) mental health. In this time of stereotypically exciting transition[s] for the class of 2020, we are instead met with a computer screen and the inside of our own rooms. It’s hard to not feel intense disappointment, and restlessness. However, I’m hopeful and excited for the future!”

Nadia Pramoj

Editor’s note: This quote has been partially paraphrased for clarity.

For Nadia Pramoj, the pandemic has been “very rough” because she “couldn’t work the same as usual.” Her family has a restaurant but had to shut it down since “less customers [were] coming in.” Pramoj’s personal life has changed due to not being able to work the same amount of hours, equaling less income. Pramoj also isn’t able to hangout with her friends, however, she’s liking classes in person more than online.

Levi Shriner

“I found it very hard to stay motivated when doing anything, and I noticed that I was sad because I couldn’t see friends. People aren’t made to be alone and I’ve had more issues with being isolated than I have had with the virus.”

Marina Saad

“Academically, even though everything is online, I don’t see any impact on my grades or learning. However, even though attending classes in my PJs is convenient, I miss the motivation I used to have to get up early and get ready to go in person. I feel like the pandemic has [had] the biggest impact on me socially, as not being able to see or talk to people or hang out in person is really tough. Mentally, there are times when I feel miserable and just want it all to be over, but I try to make the best of it and pray about it and then it doesn’t feel so bad.”