“The Gallery” inspires collegeites

galleryExposure to the repertoire from bands comprised of college-aged musicians can motivate students at Bellevue College to chase their artistic dreams. On Feb. 26, Los Angeles based band, The Gallery, released their newest 12-track album Restless.

To promote the album, The Gallery plans to bring their tour to Seattle, most likely being in the area for last week of April or the first week of May. The band includes Brendan Cooney (lead vocals, guitar,) Ben Lozano (lead guitar,) Dave Mozdzanowski (base guitar, vocals), and Ryan Cooley (drums).

The Gallery can be categorized as a ‘modern take on a classic rock’ feel. Influenced by artists like Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and other groups, The Gallery integrates a modern pop style to their music. The Gallery has been compared to artists like Fun, Bruce Springsteen, Augustana, The Script, OneRepublic and The Wallflowers in various publications featuring break out artists. “It’s definitely hard work getting the word about a new artist, but with time and effort it seems to be paying off. The response to the new album has been amazing,” said Sara Schlievart, who helps promote the band to outlets like “the Watchdog.” She mentioned that The Gallery is a great band to work with who are very driven and passionate about their music, and work very hard to achieve their goals. The music industry is competitive, and students at BC should be prepared to find colleagues who will work hard throughout the worst difficulties.

“In addition to making enjoyable music, I think the band is a great example of what you can do with hard work and pursuing your passions,” Schlievart added. “The Gallery” has worked together without a label for almost seven years, and full time since late 2009.

The Gallery’s success is largely due to the musical lyrics and meaning depth of their songs, touching on difficult subjects. “The song ‘White Noise Town’ was inspired by Brendan [Cooney] overhearing a homeless man’s troubles and deals with our tendencies to get so wrapped up in our own problems we don’t necessarily hear or [ay attention to the issues in the world around us,” said Schlievart.

The Gallery is donating the first month proceeds from sales of that song to LA Mission to help provide meals and housing for the restless.

“The Gallery” is offering 30% off the new CD to college students with the discount code ‘college’ at http://thegallerymusic.bandcamp.com through March 12. The Gallery reaches out to young adults to inspire ideas and musical refection. As stated in the bands newest album, “Restless,” “we are the young and restless, together no one can stand against us, we are the young and restless, we are one.”