The moon landing happened

With another week comes another insane conspiracy theory. As we’re all aware, there are too many out there to count. I often find myself wondering how people could possibly believe the things they do, but this specific conspiracy I find to be somewhat believable. That’s right, I understand the insane people who think the Moon Landing was faked.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Moon Landing was not faked, but you don’t have to believe anything insane and improbable to think the Moon Landing was false, all you have to do have an ability to ignore every fact you’ve ever learned.

The most popular conspiracy theory is that the Moon Landing was filmed on a set and then broadcast all over the world to give the impression that America was more technologically advanced than Russia. However, experts from all around the globe agree that being able to fake the Moon Landing would’ve been even more complex than actually getting a person to the moon. While with today’s technology it would’ve been a simple matter of a couple million dollars and few good actors, in the 1960s they simply didn’t have the advancements to make such a believable movie.

I would like to begin this debunking by mentioning photos taken on the moon. People claim that there is absolutely no way that the lights would’ve been so bright if the shot weren’t taken in a studio. But the proof is in the shadows. If you look closely at the photos from the Moon Landing, or, more importantly the shadows in the photos, you’ll notice that they’re all parallel, never touching each other. The reason that this is happening is because the sun – the source of light – is so huge and so far away it is hitting everything on the moon from the same angle. If one attempted to recreate this photo in a studio it would make the shadows move away from each other, because no manmade light is going to be able to properly represent the sun, especially a light in the sixties. In order to recreate that affect, they would’ve needed millions of lasers that would’ve been more expensive than it costs to fly to space. On top of that, even if they had managed to get all of those lasers together without raising any suspicions in the country’s financial department, all of them would’ve been red, and we wouldn’t have any of the color images from the landing that we do today.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that Armstrong didn’t just hop around a bit and pose for a photo while he was on the moon. He and other astronauts placed retro reflectors on the moon’s surface so that if an observatory were to ever aim a laser at the Moon, it would bounce back. This wouldn’t be possible if human beings hadn’t been up there once to put any technology on it.

Even if we had succeeded in faking such a monumental point in our history, there is absolutely no way that everyone would’ve kept their mouths shut. There are the thousands of workers at NASA and the Australians who discovered the feed of the Moon Landing from outer space and watched it directly. Why would they all lie? There is absolutely no way that many people were capable of keeping this secret, especially after so many years. And that’s assuming people would’ve been so detailed as to think of shadows and lighting and projecting things out into space, which would’ve required a whole team of people to figure out that math on their own. Scientists who could better spend their time figuring out how to actually get people into space.

When it comes down to it, there’s no way the Moon Landing could’ve been faked when it took place. If they had access to CGI or a wall of lights, then maybe I could see where people were coming from, but in the grand scheme of things it would’ve been simpler to just send people to the moon.