This is not the end of comedy

What would happen if a bunch of comedy actors were all trapped in one house during the apocalypse? The movie “This is the End” not only answers this question, but does so in the most convoluted and comedic way possible. The movie star actors Seth Rogen, James Franco, Daniel McBride, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson, all playing themselves and all trapped in Franco’s house after the world has gone through the apocalypse.

I had high hopes for it. It had an all-star cast, a classic doomsday scenario and the promise of many funny one-liners and memorable scenes. I am proud to say that I was proven correct from the start.

The movie starts with Baruchel meeting up with Rogen at the airport. Rogen takes Baruchel back to his place to have an afternoon of drinking, smoking weed and playing video games for hours until Rogen convinces Baruchel to go to a house warming party at Franco’s house.

At the party, Baruchel immediately feels uncomfortable since he barely knows any of them and is adamant about clinging to Rogen the whole night and convincing him to take him back to his place to keep smoking weed and chilling by themselves. Rogen wants Baruchel to stay so he can try to get to know his new friends. In an attempt to convice Baruchel, Rogen takes him to go get a pack of cigarettes. People start getting sucked up into the sky in blue beams of light that burst through the store ceiling.

They return back to Franco’s house to see that none of the actors have been beamed up. Nobody believes that people are being taken up into the sky. An earthquake then hits, sending everybody outside to see the damage. A sinkhole appears outside the house which sucks most of the guests into it leaving a few survivors. This leaves Baruchel, Rogen, Robinson, Franco and Hill to deal with each other in Franco’s new house. The following morning, the group finds out that Danny McBride had been high in Franco’s bathtub. The group makes do with what they have while still having fun doing what they do best: making others laugh.

It’s filled with great comedic scenes, hilarious interactions between the characters and more movie references than any one person can comprehend. It also has a large number of cameos including Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Rhianna, Michael Cera and many more.

“This is the End” kept me laughing the entire time. It provided a number of classic scenarios a group would face during an apocalypse, which were made really funny by the stellar cast. While not spoiling the ending, the last 15 minutes had me rolling on the theater floor laughing. I recommend this movie to anybody who can handle a bit of gore and loves raunchy comedy movies.