Transfer fair invites students to explore college opportunities

On Wednesday, Mar. 6, the Bellevue College Transfer Fair was held in the L building. Thirty-two colleges showed up to give students the chance to gain information about admissions processes and prospective programs.

            The Bellevue College Transfer Fair is a quarterly event for students and colleges to peruse and pursue each other, respectively. Colleges set up booths to promote their degree programs and campus life in hopes of enticing prospective students to join their ranks. Students had the opportunity to talk to representatives from several colleges, collecting brochures and pamphlets that are chock full of useful information. Admission processes are described in detail as each transfer program declares itself more advantageous than the last. The transfer fair is a smorgasbord of information for any student who is looking to chase their dreams beyond an Associate’s Degree.

            Several colleges from the Puget Sound area were in attendance at the transfer fair on Wednesday. Locally recognized schools, such as WSU and UW Tacoma gave a strong option for those students who want to stay local while attending classes. Several other local schools held booths to educate and appeal to those who find they learn better at a smaller, more intimate campus.

Representatives also came from further away to entice those who might want a shift in their scenery or a specific path to their degree. Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) invited students to finish their degrees in sunny, tropical Honolulu while Northern Arizona promised ponderosa pine forests and an hour trip to the Grand Canyon as part of the local attractions. Johnson & Wales University presented four campus locations for students to choose from; any student who wanted to travel as part of their education had many options to explore.

BC had its own booth at the fair, which offers information relevant to students who are looking to enter into one of the college’s twelve bachelor programs. Bachelor programs at BC have traditionally focused on health and nursing, but new programs, such as the Computer Science BA, want to to recruit new students and grow.

These programs rely on interested students, and Bellevue’s youngest programs are always hungry for new applicants. Margo Ikegami, the program manager for the Computer Science program at Bellevue, was there to provide information on the bachelor programs available. “We are looking for freshmen to enter our program, as well as transfer students, so that we do have 12 bachelor programs.” Assistance for applications and admissions for a Bellevue College BA program can be found at the Welcome Center on the first floor of the B building.

Students were the real winners of the day though, as the schools attempted to sell themselves to each potential pupil. Song, a student from South Korea, came to the fair with questions about admissions processes. He said the fair had a specific advantage he enjoyed. “I can hear the answers right away. I have sent emails and waited for days [for responses].” Whether students knew of their future or were seeking a new direction, the fair was ready to help them on their path. Students could get answers to almost any transfer-related questions at the fair. Questions about degree paths, admissions processes, financial assistance, and activities to do in the local area were fielded by school representatives. The quarterly transfer fairs remain an excellent resource for both colleges and students to connect and share information about their futures and how they can come together to achieve excellence.