How do I get to BC?

Bellevue College is a commuter campus, which means that all students travel from home each day to attend their classes. Lucky for you, BC makes transportation easy and accessible.

If you will be driving to campus, the most important thing to know is that you will need to buy a parking pass. Parking fines are enforced Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. in all lots. You can also purchase daily parking from parking meters for $2 per day.

BC also offers several different quarterly passes. An Everday permit, which costs $65, will allow you to park in any of the student lots for the duration of the quarter. An Everday Discount Lot permit, which costs $50, will allow you to park in designated discount lots (lots 1, 3 and 5) whenever you want for the entire quarter. If you don’t have classes every day, you can purchase a Monday/Wednesday or a Tuesday/Thursday permit for $35, which will allow you to park wherever you want on the designated days.

If parking permit costs and gas prices are adding up, look into the BC RideMatch program. A quick registration on the BC website will put you in the RideMatch database, where you can meet other drivers nearby and coordinate to carpool.

You will also receive a cash card as compensation for signing up. Carpoolers are also eligible for reserved carpool parking passes, which can be purchased in the K Building.

For those opting for public transportation, BC offers metro assistance. For students enrolled in at least 10 credits, TransitChek cards are available for purchase. The cards cost $120 and are pre-loaded with a value of $240, which you can use to load onto your personal ORCA card (and the money is transit-restricted, so don’t get any ideas!). These cards are available for purchase fall, winter and spring quarters, although the funds will not expire.

Students enrolled with at least five credits can purchase a TransitChek card for $60, which comes pre-loaded with a value of $120. Students can only purchase one card per quarter.

Finally, BC offers many resources for students who are biking to campus. In the parking garage, there is a practice rack where students can practice loading and unloading their bike onto a transit rack, if they plan on taking their bike onto the bus. There is also a repair station in the parking garage, in addition to covered areas for bike parking around campus. You will also have free access to the showers and lockers in the G building.