Upcoming RISE Learning Institute Reflection Workshops for Faculty

Photo by ConvertKit from Unsplash.

The RISE Learning Institute is putting on reflection workshops for faculty members at Bellevue College. Each half-hour workshop is designed to help build and strengthen reflection skills and techniques so that they will be more impactful to student learning. Additionally, faculty members will earn one professional development hour per workshop and after completing five or more, will receive a 75 dollar stipend. From Donna Miguel, an English professor at Bellevue College who had taken the workshops in the past, “This micro-session series allowed me to take a step back and question my purpose for assigning [reflection journals] in the first place. I learned why, how, and when to assign and assess reflections other than journal writings that also can help balance my workload.”

There are six total workshops, and while “Bringing out Depth through Reflection” and “Creating Connections using the 8Cs” have already passed, there are still four workshops to participate in. On Feb. 28, “Unleashing the Power of Reflective Journals” will break down how reflective journals can be meaningful. On March 3, “Reflection Beyond Writing” explains a few formats and techniques designed for students who are not strong writers and want to have enjoyable reflections. On March 7, “Planning Your Quarter Using Reflection Mapping” teaches faculty how to purposefully distinguish between different reflections by organizing topics, formats, and contexts through the reflection mapping technique. The final workshop on March 10, “Assessing Reflection,” explains the rubric and ABC method for grading reflections. Each workshop is from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.