Weekly Reads: Out of the Easy

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual abuse/assault, trauma

“Sometimes we set off down a road thinkin’ we’re goin’ one place and we end up another. But that’s okay. The important thing is to start.” — Cokie, “Out of the Easy”

Josie Moraine grew up in the 1940s as the daughter of a brothel prostitute. She was left to fend for herself at age 11 which led her to live in the attic of a bookstore. With the addition of a mysterious death and a possible connection to her mother, this dark and twisted book immediately captures the attention of the audience with the horrifying truth of the 1950s French Quarter.

Josie’s mom, Louise, really is no mother at all. She stole all of Josie’s money, expected and urged Josie to become a prostitute, then disregarded her as anything more than a burden. “Out of the Easy” focuses on what it’s like to grow up with the worst kind of influences, explains the dangers of getting involved with the wrong people and shows the worst and most desperate side of humanity.

Josie must decide who she wants to be right now and what she wants to become in the future. She devises a plan to get out of the Quarter but her mom’s meddling is only making things worse. What do you do when you’re born into a horrible situation? Can internal strength get Josie out of her supposed destiny?

“Out of the Easy” written by Ruta Sepetys mixes dark history with romance and mystery. Josie’s story portrays the choices that must be made and the hard truths that people have to accept in order to survive. When a man becomes interested in Josie, will she follow her mother’s guidance or will she pave her own road to liberation?