What next?

By Adam Magnoni.

Goodbye Bulldogs,
Well, I guess we are not parting for good.  I will be back next quarter as your Editor-in-Chief, but we will be absent from each other’s lives for some time.  I know you have family, finals, food and shopping on your mind, but don’t become all too preoccupied, because these festive times will pass and another school quarter will begin.  Sorry that I must communicate this sobering fact, but life must go on.  Your head will still be swimming with tryptophan and football when you realize that it’s time to trade in your sweats for earmuffs and head off to school again.
I look forward to the new beginning.  It’s a nicety that the school environment provides.  You get to choose a new schedule, wear the new sweater your grandma made for you and it’s a whole new quarter to find out how many cute girls (or guys) are in your new classes.  At this point in the quarter, I always enjoy looking at what I will be taking in the following quarter and telling myself how I am going to buckle down, study hard and really learn something.  One reason the future  is so great is because you can live it out in the present however you like.  Come winter quarter, I could be the president of this school, heck why not the president of these great United States.  The coming quarter will bring a new year and new hope for all things.  The Seahawks and Mariners (pitchers and catchers are reporting in less than two months you know) will surprisingly turn it around, and Seattle will no longer be drinking salty coffee from all the tears spilt.  I will finally ask out that girl whom I’ve been eyeing for a year now; she will of course say yes and we will ride off to Mexico and