Women lose in 4-0 shut-out

By Christopher Wood and Takumi Torii
The fifth ranked BCC women’s soccer team was shut out 4-0 by second ranked Columbia Basin (CBCC) in the quarter-final game last Saturday. “We’ve got a great defense, said Matt Mills, CBCC soccer coach, ” [and] we are finding our targets.” A position change was made in BCC’s lineup with Kristina Myles, BCC goalkeeper, being replaced by Krista Niklason, BCC forward, because of a concussion Myles had suffered. Myles was not cleared to play in Saturday’s game said Frank Lee, BCC women’s soccer coach. After both teams going back and forth between each goals, CBCC took the lead with a goal kicked by Julissa Rodriguez, CBCC forward at 28 minutes. The kick was shot into a high corner of BCC’s goal box. Giving CBCC a 1-0 lead. An attempt of mention that BCC made during the first half was made by Morgan Wood, BCC mid fielder, at 38 minutes. Wood took the ball from BCC’s half of the field to within a couple yards off CBCC goal box at. But CBCC defenders blocked Wood’s attempt. During half time, Lee said that BCC needed to be logical about the game and to keep CBCC from scoring any more goals. Michelle Brown said their defense needed to be a “solid line.” Lee also said that the forwards needed more intensity and mentioned the need for more communication. “[We have] 45 minutes, play as a team,” said Lee. The second half was opened up with an attempt at 48 minutes by CBCC that was almost a clear shot into BCC’s goal box, but was stopped by Niklason. Niklason was put into play as a forward at 52 minutes with Megan Dalgliesh, BCC goalkeeper, was put in as goal keeper. CBCC second goal took place at 60 minutes with a goal by Rodriguez with an assist by Jenn Johnson, CBCC midfielder. The shot was placed above the head of Dalgliesh, giving CBCC a score of 2-0 A change was made in the strategy of BCC during the second half, with the “pushing” more onto CBCC’s side of the field said Lee. Niklason made a drive for CBCC’s goal at 82 minutes, but was stopped by CBCC defenders. CBCC third goal was made at 85 minutes with a kick that went past Dalgliesh made by Dana Neuman, CBCC midfielder, when she broke through BCC’s defense. This gave CBCC a score of 3-0 “They had a lot of break-aways,” said Stephanie George, BCC soccer captain. The final goal was made two minutes later with another CBCC breakthrough by Sara Guadarrama, CBCC mid fielder, with assistance by Rodriguez. This gave CBCC the final score of 4-0. BCC finishes the season with a final record of 13-5-3. “The team played strong,” said Lee, “but someone has to lose a playoff game.” CBCC will continue on to the semi-finals in the NWAACC championships in Tukwila, Wash.