Women’s Basketball comes away victorious from scare against Edmonds

On Jan. 22, the Bellevue College women’s basketball team survived a late scare in the fourth quarter against the Edmonds Tritons to pull away victorious. Head coach Mel Stubblefield stated before the game, “rebounding, defending, that’s gonna win games. We limit their second-chance opportunities, that’s gonna give us more opportunities to score down on the offensive side.” Coach Stubblefield further added that the team was expecting a “dogfight” against the Tritons. Ultimately, the team lived up to the coach’s expectations as Bulldog duo Addy Clabbyand small forward Amanda Luckett were able to take the ‘dogs to victory.

In the first quarter, the Bulldogs were down early as the offense was slow to answer back to the Tritons head-start. Looking to get the Bulldogs started, Clabby made a jump shot, followed by a free throw from Edmonds: 5-2 Edmonds. Answering back, Bulldog guard Mo Bungay sunk a three which was followed by a jump shot from Bellevue guard Kate Rutledge. Concluding the first quarter, the Bulldogs were down 9-8.

To begin the second quarter, Bungay swished a three-point to give the ‘dogs their first lead of the game. The Bulldogs offense was able to get going early in the quarter, the team went on a scoring streak as their defense was able to hold the Tritons from scoring for three minutes. With the help of Bulldog guard-forward Natalie Amos, Luckett, guard-forward Makenna Faulkner, and guard Kate Rutledge, the ‘dogs were able to end the second half leading 25-21.

In the third quarter, the Bulldogs stretched the lead to double-digits after Luckett scored 10 consecutive points, further bumping the lead up from seven to 14. Despite the lead and a quarter ending three-point jump shot by Rutledge, the Tritons were answering back on every other offensive possession. Therefore, the score was 42-31 Bellevue going into the fourth quarter.

Throughout the fourth quarter, it seemed that Bellevue was going to coast to victory with a seven-point lead. However, the Tritons weren’t out just yet. Cutting the lead shorter, Edmonds was attacking the Bulldogs defense from the paint and beyond the arc. At 1:06, a jump shot by Edmonds’ Kalei Cates would move the Tritons closer to the ‘dogs lead at 51-55 before Clabbysunk a dagger from three-point range. After a timeout by Edmonds, the team would answer back with a three of their own, making the score 54-58. Putting the game away, Clabby was fouled on back-to-back plays which resulted in four free throws. The final score was 62-56 Bellevue.

Clabby was efficient from both ends of the floor, going four of five from the field and making seven of eight free throws in addition to three steals. Able to get the ‘dogs going early in the game, Luckett was seven for 10 from the field and controlled the floor with 13 rebounds and five blocked shots. Continuing their winning streak, the Bulldogs now hold a 3-1 record in region play alongside the region’s best overall record of 10-4. As a result of a great performance from the Bulldogs, the team will be coming off of a three-game winning streak to play away against Everett on Jan. 29.

Photo: Eliot Gentiluomo/The Watchdog