Women’s golf team on a winning streak to success


Chris Toomey/The Watchdog
Chris Toomey/The Watchdog

The Women’s Golf team at Bellevue College has the passion, dedication, and experience necessary for success,

carrying four members for the spring season. All the players have played a lot of junior or high school golf. They are in the process of recruiting more members for next season.

Coach Kirk Johanson played on the Bellevue College and University of Washington golf team. Bellevue College dropped its golf team shortly after he left, but Johanson felt it was an important stepping stone for many students. The program is now six years old.

“I really wanted to give back. I love this school. It was great for me. It was where I met my wife,” said Johanson.

The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at the Glendale Country Club. Wednesday nights they conduct golf-specific stregthening condition. Sometimes they train at the Bear Creek Country Club where cameras record their swings.

“There’s a nice facility over in Bear Creek that can record swings on video. Having visual aides is helpful. Golf players can see what they need to work at,” said Johanson.

Golf is a mental sport. There are a lot of challenges to the game. Choosing which club to use from what distance, menuevering around variables with every swing, even playing in poor weather conditions, making the wrong decision could mean losing the game.

“The girls team hope to win every tournament. There are twelve tournaments they won last year, including the championship. They went on to win the season champship, and the conference tournament,” said Johanson.

The team’s biggest competitors include Spokane, Walla Walla, and Green River.

There are two golf seasons. Spring is the team’s main golf season. They play 8 tournaments. Fall is their shorter golf season, during which they compete in three tournaments.

As soon as the season begins the women’s golf team is competing nearly every weekend. Usually they travel to tournaments on Saturday and play games Sunday and Monday, sometimes Friday. Rain or shine, the games go on.

“Living in this area you get used to playing in the rain,” said Johanson.

Last year the team won all twelve tournaments, including the championship. They are working hard to protect their winning streak.

“I love the game. I enjoy the kids that I work with. I really enjoy trying to help and mentor the kids. Our job is to get from where they are at, take their goals and where they want to be two years from now, and help them get there.”

People can expect a great season from the Women’s Golf team.

“We will play the best that we can. We would like to win the championship. But you really honestly never know what can happen,” said Johanson.

Fans are welcome to come watch the tournaments. There is no ticket price.