Women’s Soccer ties rival

By Christopher Wood

Last Wednesday, The eighth ranked Bellevue women’s soccer team tied with divisional rival Tacoma in a 1-1 finish.

The last time Tacoma and Bellevue met was on September 11, which resulted in a 1-0 win for Bellevue.

“We had lots of opportunities to get it in,” said Frank Lee, Bellevue women’s soccer coach. “But we are even with Tacoma”

For the first several minutes of play, Tacoma kept two defenders in the goal box with their keeper. This helped their defense, as BCC was unable to find the net in the first half.

“We had the better first half,” said Ken Fox, Tacoma women’s soccer coach.

Tacoma however, would score through an undefended goal box with an unassisted kick from Frah shramble at 31 minutes.

The attempt of note from Bellevue would be a late header from Shalaine Wait, Bellevue midfielder, which flew over Tacoma’s goal.

During the half, Lee emphasized taking shots closer to the goal. Lee also said that they were a good challenge for them. The quality of the shots that were attempted was also emphasized.

Tacoma during the half switched their keepers.

The change in goal box defense was would cost them, as Krista Niklason kicked the ball over the diving Tacoma keeper, tying the game 1-1 at 54 minutes.

At 63 minutes, Bellevue had driven the ball back to Tacoma’s goal box, and then a frenzy of activity happened, with Bellevue having 10 attempts in one minute.

“It was a scramble to get in,” said Nichole George, BCC team captain.

The rest of the second half was the same back and forth defense that had been most of the game.

The only red card of the game came at 87 minutes for Tacoma’s Kiersten Knox, for violent conduct, which was followed by a yellow card for Ken Fox for dissent over the red card.

“You can’t do that,” said Fox. “It was a good call.”

“We over played the game,” said George “We dominated the second half.”

The win keeps Bellevue comfortably in first in the NWAACC Western Division with a record of 8-1-3.