Survival Tip: Rebel YELL

Colorfully unique hair (SOURCE:
Colorfully unique hair (SOURCE:

I’m tired of seeing the same bland Bellevue kids walking around with their Starbucks and Jansport backpacks. WHERE IS THE EDGE?

This goes out to all the reckless rebels, tattoo enthusiasts, and piercing fanatics.

People who:

Have gauges that are big enough to light on fire and let a lion jump through

Have Mohawks that are so sharp, they cut people when they whip their hair back and forth.

Have hair with so many colors that even a peacock would think it’s too much.

What to take from their style


I know it’s winter, but that doesn’t mean that the only colors on your palate have to be BLACK, BLUE, AND GREY. Seriously??? If Pocahontas can paint with all the colors of the wind, then you can wear them all.

It’s all about ROY G BIV, and no, that is not a person (consult your local rainbow).

You could call them ANTI-CONFORMISTS, but they aren’t afraid to express themselves using color.

*Blue bangs with blond hair

*Bright colored skinny jeans (yellow, royal blue)

*A splash of color goes a long way. Take a boring outfit and make it exceptional with a pop of color (red accessories)


Everyone has their everyday haircut. It’s usually the less time-consuming style that can go with most of our school looks.

If fashion is an extension of ourselves, I doubt you want to be portrayed as boring, especially if you are the absolute opposite.

The rebels on campus can be seen with half shaved heads, multicolored hair, and styles that add at least 4 inches to their height.

*Girls with pixie cuts

*Multicolored dreads


If your clothes were speaking, they would say:


Does that sound like someone you would want to meet?

I always hear people saying that they wish they could wear a certain style of leggings, but are afraid since it is out of their “norm”.

My response:

Regurgitated Nike ad: JUST DO IT.

In the time you spent weighing the pros and cons of those leggings, you could have been making a whole outfit.

Give new styles a try. If they aren’t flattering to you, move on to the next one. Fashion does change like Seattle’s weather.

Don’t put more effort into being avant garde than being an individual. Find your personal style and work these elements into it.


You don’t have to go pierce your nose, dye your hair purple, and get five tattoos to be “cool”. My only suggestion is that we could all do something that is spur of the moment.

Simple changes leading to a spontaneous future:

Try a different hair style

Try a new trend

Play with different colors