What scares you or excites you about transferring?

Erin Hilliker: “Mostly the new environment, depending on the college I transfer to. Getting used to a new environment and new people is probably the scary thing for me. I’m excited for all the new opportunities I will have there.”


Xiaolin Huang: “Excited for a new environment, new friends, and challenging courses. I will be sad to be leaving my old friends.”


Chitalu Mumba: “Tuitions fees.”


Joedy Morrow: “Navigating a bigger school with a lot more students.”


Yingkai Ma (left): “I am excited to go to a brand new environment and make new friends, and I’m scared that it’s not going to be easy to get used to the new school’s cafeteria.”


Bryan Benitez: “I’m looking forward to getting an AA and majoring in Marketing Management. I really look forward to starting my career.”


John Gatan: “Honestly…I’m impartial. I’m gonna work hard and do my best, without having to worry about anything in the future. I’m just gonna take it one step at a time.”


Charles Butler: “I am very excited in starting my academic career. I plan to major in computer science and I have recently done some outreach with some companies I’m interested in.”


Aja Oakford: “I’m planning to major in digital media. I do a lot of art and I’m hoping to gain some new skills from this major.”