20 and under: The G-Rated life

Just because you can't take shots doesn't mean you can't have fun (SOURCE: Cole Estes/The Jibsheet )
Just because you can't take shots doesn't mean you can't have fun (SOURCE: Cole Estes/The Jibsheet )

Neon lights guide your way down the strip.

An aroma of cheap perfume and blueberry mint mojitos fill the air.

You see bars, chapels, and clubs, but it’s not necessarily in that order.

Too bad you’re not in Las Vegas, and if you are reading this, you probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy the festivities.

First off, welcome to adulthood.

Being 20 is an accomplishment. You officially drop the “teen” off your age, which means goodbye to the negative teenager connotations (lazy, naive, inexperienced). The only thing you have to do now is live up to your adult expectations.

Work of some sort—from grocery bagging to textbook page-turning—is seen as mandatory. Yet at the end of a long week, or even in the middle, there must be a celebration. This is when a dilemma forms. One, you are an adult, and yet you are still not legal. This means no Belltown, Republiq, or SkyBar for you.

Yet have no fear, because I shall provide you with the underage legal fun guide:


Said to be the only teen club on the Eastside.

No drinking is allowed (there are kids around), so go and visit the Hawaiian shaved ice bar.

Pro: This club is in the neck of your woods. If you live in Bellevue, Kirkland or Redmond, going to Seattle to party may not be your thing, especially if you can’t drive.

Con: Asks for I.D. If you are older than 18, I doubt that you want to find yourself dancing with a 15 year old.

Visit their website or follow them on Facebook to keep up with K Town events

Age: 15+

$15-20 cover

Habana (SODO):

This club puts you at the heart of SODO, and right next to one of the top 21 and up clubs, Republiq.

Pro: The age limit. You don’t have to worry about underage bumpin’ and grindin’.

Con: You have to make it on Fridays if you want to get your underage groove on. Saturdays are their 21-and-up nights.

Age 18+ Fridays only

Fusion Ultra Lounge (U-District):

Although this club is quite small, it still beats staying home on a Friday. Typically, they play music off of the top 40 so you don’t have to worry about hearing “Teach me how to dougie” five times a night.

Pro: They play a mix of the hits and the chart climbers that will not bore you.

Con: It can be creeper central. There are typically way more guys than girls that post up on the walls.

Age: 18+ Everyday Bar included

Other clubs to look for:

Neighbors (Capital Hill)

Age: 18+ Wednesday after 2 A.M.

Club X (Seattle):

age: 16+

Instead of staying in, be restless in Seattle. Get a group together, find an excuse to dress up, and dance your stress away.