$2,000 for Selected BC Mural Submissions

Thomas Allen // The Watchdog

Starting Fall 2021, students will have the opportunity to submit artwork to the Outdoor Murals Project. The murals will be put on display for one to three years in Bellevue College’s main outdoor corridor. 

Selected artwork will be awarded an honorarium of $2,000. Submissions are required to illustrate Bellevue College’s community through social equality, social justice and social diversity themes. The art is required to be an original large-scale piece. Bellevue College will handle the mural installation process, displaying it with non-permanent wheatpaste.

As for who can join: eligible participants include Bellevue College students, alumni, emeritus, staff and faculty. You can work individually or in groups. Bellevue College will allow collaborations with artists outside of Bellevue College. The contributors, however, should be able to represent our community through their creative expressions. During the selection process, there may be preference given to current students, student affinity groups and Bellevue College clubs/organizations.

Add your creative flair to transform our campus and get a chance to earn some money.

Interested? To learn more contact: 

Chad White | Co-Chair of BC Outdoor Mural Project


Beabe Akpojovwo | Co-Chair of BC Outdoor Mural Project