A scantron and bluebook proposal

Written By: Jeffrey Stewart
It happens nearly every quarter, either you or the person you’re sitting next to forgets their scantron or bluebook for the exam that’s happening in 5 minutes and you’re a 10 minute round-trip away from the book store. Whether the testing papers were forgotten because you or your classmate were studying late last night and sleep deprivation took its toll or the professor simply forgot to mention it, the problem is the same. The two options to solve this dilemma are either to book-it down to the cafeteria, shell out a buck twenty-five for a packet of scantrons or schmooze the person sitting next to you who may or may not want to give you anything. This may not be a huge deal, but it’s one we’ve all faced because even if you bring your test materials to class every single exam, the people sitting around you don’t. The issue here is that this problem is painfully easy to solve. Every student here pays for tuition and books which costs many hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so having to pay a few more dollars down the road for test supplies is inefficient and silly at best. For those new ASG election winners, here’s an easy way of improving our school. Step 1: Tack on a $2.50 fee for tuition on every single class taken. This should easily cover the cost of scantrons and/or bluebooks and, honestly, who’s going to care about a $2.50 increase of initial tuition cost when we’re already paying hundreds of dollars in tuition. Step 2: Now that we’ve already paid for our scantrons and bluebooks, provide them to us at no cost. This is a simple concept; we’ll pre-pay for the items while the credit card is already out so we don’t have to hassle with it later. Step 3: Make them available in multiple areas. If I’m taking a final in the N building and forget my scantron, I don’t want to sprint to the C-building and back when it’s so easy to make them available at almost every building on campus once they’re pre-paid. Step 4: Give teachers full access to scantrons and bluebooks. If a professor is nice enough, they should be able to snag a handful of test supplies on their way to their next class without having to front a bunch of money. They’ll also be able to bring back extras so that there is no waste in the system. There you have it. We’ll pre-pay for testing supplies at the beginning of the quarter and you provide them to us whenever we need them at multiple locations. This way when a student forgets a piece of paper with a bunch of bubbles on it they don’t have to scramble for their wallets and sprint to the C-building.