Seattle: city of chocolate

Chocolate has been characteristically known as a close substitute to that carnal hunger that our world boundlessly craves. Chocolate, although a classically desired substance by both the ancient and the modern western world, has been most recently underrated.

There are thousands of types of chocolate in the world that are available for the chocolate lover. Luckily for us Seattleites, Seattle is at the forefront of chocolate technology. There are an endless number of places that are accessible for the wanna-be chocolatier to practice their chocolate taste testing with a friend on an early Tuesday morning or with a date on a late-night weekend rendezvous.

When asked about their favorite chocolate treat, the writers on the Jibsheet staff were more than happy to voice their preferences. Jesse DeLange, our Sports Editor, said that the simple and classic Snickers Bar was his number one chocolate vice. When The Jibsheet’s News Editor, Adam Magnoni gets a chocolaty craving, he generally reaches for his favorite chocolate sin, “The Deep Fried Chocolate Oreo.” Not the most conventional of dishes, but chocolaty, nonetheless.

Some agreed with DeLange and Magnoni’s casual chocolate style, but some said that they generally opted for a more gourmet chocolate dish. Our Arts Editor, Emma Sergeant, generally chooses the most glamorous and sensual of chocolate desserts, the chocolate covered strawberry. Paralleling the allure of Sergeant’s chocolate strawberry is the white chocolate crème flan, a favorite of our Graphic Designer, Luke Eden. This whiter spin on the classically dark chocolate brings a little edge to our chocolaty discussion.

It has become increasingly apparent throughout our chocolate-focused dialogue that the staff at The Jibsheet has quite a taste for this rich and creamy treat. Provided is a collaborated list of favorite chocolate dishes and where (in Seattle) one can obtain these dark and gourmet indulgences.

The Rocky Mountain chocolate Factory is known for its truffles and its caramel apples. A favorite among the braver chocolatier is the chocolate caramel and marshmallow covered apples. Mmm.

If interest and originality are critical in the chocolate-choosing process, then Whole Foods might have something that’s right up the alley of a classical-chocolate deviant. Whole Foods brings a mixture of sweet and savory together in their sales of their gourmet wasabi or bacon chocolate choices.

Cold Stone Creamery provides a chocolate rush to anyone who orders their Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy. Delightful and straightforward …chocolatey perfect.

Next on the list of chocolate hot spots is Crepe de France. Never is there a better place to go for a taste of chocolate and hazelnut dream melted into their Nutella crepe. Ecstasy in one bite.

In light of the French mood, next on the list is Le Panier, a French bakery that provides essentially everything that the French chocolate craver living in Seattle could ask for. They bake everything from chocolate filled croissants to chocolate éclairs to tarte au chocolat. (Very French) perfection in a baked good.

If looking for something a little less French and perhaps a little nuttier, Percy’s Almonds in the middle of Pike Place Market is a perfect place to shop. One should try saying that five times fast. Just not while chewing Percy’s delicious chocolate-covered almost bites, please.rnDiane’s Market Kitchen, an urban cooking school in the heart of downtown (about three blocks south of Pike Place), generously donates cookies to the common passerby every single Friday afternoon. If it’s a particularly lucky Friday, DMK may even be handing out their signature chocolate crinkle cookies. On these days, the queue out the door on Fridays almost reaches Pike Place Market.

If in the mood for a more gourmet restaurant-quality chocolate dish, Barolo (on Westlake) or Restaurant Zoë (in Belltown) prepare delicious epicurean chocolate delights, such as flourless chocolate torte or chilled chocolate mousse, wrapped classically in a swirl of caramel, dash of powdered sugar or puff of creamy whipped heaven.

And lastly, there is Godiva. They create the most delectable, sweet, simple and positively endearing chocolate covered strawberry. Always a perfect chocolaty choice.