Advice for Students Amid Recent Technology Company Layoffs

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla from Unsplash.

Seattle is a hub of technology corporations, including multi million-dollar companies like Amazon and Microsoft. Nationally, large tech companies have had mass layoffs, with about 10,000 by Amazon, 11,000 by Meta, and more position losses from other tech companies such as Microsoft and Twitter. Overall, 5,900 jobs in the tech sector were let go in Washington during October, making it one of the largest declines in the state’s history, and many companies may continue.

For Bellevue College students who are interested in entering the tech field, it can be a little concerning to hear about all the layoffs recently, but it should not leave reasons for concern. As for whether this will affect their ability to find jobs in tech in the future, Kristen Davey from BC’s Center for Career Connections said, “My personal sense is to the ‘NO’ though since the advances in technology will continue to flourish, creating opportunities that we haven’t even fathomed yet, since I am both a secret optimist and a Sci-Fi geek!” Davey elaborated that during the pandemic, tech companies had increased employment numbers, and the shift to a hybrid format as the norm could be a factor for the layoffs.

What students can do now is develop their strengths, technical skills and knowledge in technology. BC’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (iBIT) helps students hone their skills for a career in tech. iBIT has technology and data programs in cybersecurity, information technology, software development, data analytics and artificial intelligence. BC offers both the Associate in Applied Science and Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Additionally, BC has certificates in C# programming, database business intelligence developer, digital photography, graphic design, software test engineer, user experience design and web design.

When doing a quick search for jobs in technology in the greater Seattle region, a little over 80,000 jobs appear. Finding the opportunities for jobs can be overwhelming, especially when first entering the job market. With the recent layoffs, this means BC students will want to use job-finding tools offered to them. The BC Center for Career Connections has a partnership with the Handshake app, which helps students find jobs and internships. You can learn how to use it.

It is hard to predict what exactly will come of the layoffs, but students can prepare themselves by using BC resources before entering the tech world. Control the factors that you can, but don’t worry over what you can’t.