Artist Interview: Camille Bloom

Camille Bloom is an English teacher turned internationally-touring singer-songwriter. Originally from Spokane, she is currently based in Luxembourg, teaching music full-time to adults and youth.

Her music is filled with personality. It’s quirky folk mixed with touches of pop and rock. Bloom’s latest album, “Pieces of Me,” released in 2016, received rave reviews from Impose Magazine, Celebrity Access and more.

I caught up with her for an interview on how the pandemic affected her work, her creative process and current projects.

The pandemic has forced many creatives, especially those who work in live music to completely change and adapt. How has the pandemic changed the way you work?

“The pandemic changed everything about the way I work. Venues were closed, recording studios as well. So giving concerts was no longer an option. It did not change my writing process however. I have been writing new music which feels awesome! I think the pandemic allowed everyone to write a lot more, but it’s not songwriting that earns the money. It is touring and selling albums.

“The shift I made from touring full-time to teaching could not have come at a better time. Luckily, the school I work for follows the British curriculum, which is heavily centered on composing and producing music, and performing. So I feel inspired every day. As soon as venues start opening up, I will find the stage again and I can’t wait! I did get to play a show at Kirkland Performance Center when I was back in the States this summer. It was so emotional for me, and I was in tears just walking out onto the stage again after two years.”

How do you write your songs? What’s the process like?

“My songwriting process is different depending on the day. Sometimes, I sit down with an idea on guitar and formulate an entire song around it. Other times, and in my opinion, my best lyrical songs start as poems and then I find instrumental music to go with. I don’t think too hard about the process, but I try to let it come naturally.”

What’s your favorite part about your job?

“I have to say that one of my favorite things to do is produce. I had the chance to produce my last couple of records, and I’ve produced or co-produced several other artists. I find this incredibly rewarding and fun. There’s something so amazing about helping songs come to life.

“I love my job in so many ways. Of course, I love being on stage and performing and connecting with audiences. But I also really love the business side of music. I love booking shows and routing tours, and I love helping other aspiring musicians find a lucrative life on the road. It’s an incredibly rewarding life!”

Do you find there is a difference in working with kids versus adults?

“I love teaching songwriting to kids and adults. After all, adults are just big kids, and everyone comes to the retreats/workshops with a beginner’s mind. I have some plans to run an adult songwriting workshop on a boat in Alaska next summer, so lots in the works!”

What do you do to recharge from work?

“Do you know what’s so crazy about … recharging from work? I find my job incredibly energizing and fun. I think if you had found a way to turn your passion into your livelihood, it is not a dream. Though I will say that when I get home from a long tour, I need some serious rest, reading, yoga and down time.”

You’ve toured in Europe before but were there still any unexpected or big culture shocks living in Europe?

“Having toured Europe quite a lot, the biggest surprise was that in America, if the crowd loves you they scream and shout. In Germany, and some other areas, they are pin drop silent. So in the beginning, it took me some time to adjust!”

Thank you so much to Camille Bloom for the interview! Check out her website for information on her latest projects and to check out her music.