Local Entertainment Venues for Spring and Summer

Photo by Thibault Trillet from Pexels.

With the spring season here and summer coming, many people like to enjoy music at local venues, ranging from jazz, reggae, blues and any other genre you could think of. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities around the Seattle area to get your fill, featuring countless unique artists.

The Tractor is a club in Seattle where they have a wide variety of artists playing. Many of them are bands, and it’s great to support musicians in the community. Similarly, North Bend has their Boxley’s club, which offers a sample of jazz artists.

However, there are more than just restaurant-clubs open, but also venues that need to be booked beforehand. Jack White, lead singer of the band The White Stripes is playing at Climate Pledge Arena on June 8, and Shawn Mendes is performing later that month.

But it’s not just the music scene which is covered. Climate Pledge Arena will also host Stars On Ice, which will showcase American Olympic figure skaters. These athletes attended the Beijing Olympics a few months prior, and featured gold medalist Nathan Chen, along with an array of other talented skaters.

There are many things to enjoy between the music and athletic scenes in the Seattle area. It’s going to be a very entertaining few months.