ASG Student Life Gala

The Associated Student Government held the first ever Student Life Gala on May 24. It went from 6 p.m. to midnight. The gala was located at the Newcastle Golf Course. This event was held to honor and celebrate the many influential communities that have developed at Bellevue College. Awards were given to clubs and students who have had a significant impact over the last year at BC.

The Newcastle Golf Course ballroom was elaborately decorated and clearly conveyed that this Gala was a classy event. Almost every single person who arrived was dressed to the nines. The Lamps in the center of each table reached up to the ceiling like trees in a forest. Blue and white streamers adorned each window in the ballroom. There were waiters rushing to each table bringing meals and taking away plates. Despite all the commotion in the crowd, the speakers never once slipped up or made a mistake. They were pretty funny and kept the awards moving along at a consistent pace.  There were so many students, staff, faculty members and donors that the whole ballroom was filled wall to wall.

The dinner given to students during the award ceremony was absolutely delicious. It lived up to the promise of a $100 meal for $5.  I managed to try the chicken dish they served. Since the meals were made through a catering company I’m not too surprised that there were only three dishes, but part of me still wanted a little more variety in the dishes.

After all the awards were presented and dessert plates were being collected, the speakers opened up the dance floor.  Every student in the room left and made for the big white tent outside the side doors. The DJ was playing a wide range of music like hip hop and LatinX party hits. Opposite the DJ was a large snack table, adorned with many cheeses and finger foods. My only gripe with the dance portion was that the dance floor was really small and broke apart easily.

This gala serves a noble cause.  It feels like a lot of the hard work that students put into campus goes overlooked. This is a great way to give recognition to the students and groups who go above and beyond what is expected of them. This event has the potential to become one of BC’s greatest events if they keep building off the momentum that this gala has created.