Food trucks return to BC campus

Back by popular demand, Bellevue College Food Service and Events organized another Food Truck Day on Wednesday, May 22 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Student Union Courtyard. The three food trucks that participated were Skillet, Yumbit Taiwanese Food Truck, and Taqueria Los Chilangos.

The food trucks brought more than just great food options; they created a closer community. Student Union Courtyard became busier than usual. People were chatting with each other while they waited for their food, which made the BC community stronger and more connected.

Jerry Weber, BC President, said, “The food trucks are experiments, and we are trying to see what the interest is among students because students have asked us for more variety in our food.” Weber said that having food trucks on campus may happen from time to time in the future as long as it is worth having them.

A running start student, Julie Hamilton who bought her lunch at Taqueria Los Chilangos said, “I think it is fun to have food trucks on campus, and the food is really good.” Hamilton usually eats on campus every day, and she was happy to see some varieties.

Omar Chokr, a BC student who bought his lunch at Taqueria Los Chilangos said, “I do not normally eat on campus, so seeing these food trucks offers me more different options, and I get to try a variety of food that I do not normally try. I grew up in my life eating cafeteria food, so I would rather make something else for myself.”

An English instructor, Sean Allen came to the food trucks and bought his lunch from Taqueria Los Chilangos. He said, “There are more choices. The BC cafeteria is ok, but it seems to be a little expensive sometimes.” However, Allen said the food from these food trucks was more expensive than what he was hoping for, but he was “glad to see the food trucks building a sense of community out here on our campus.” added Allen.

Sarah Tarvin, an instructor, liked the variety of food the event brought on campus. “It is really nice to be able to choose from a wider range than what is regularly available on campus.” Tarvin often eats on campus, and she brings lunch sometimes. “I think the selection that they provide has been great. I really like the Sam Choy’s Poké to the Max and Ezell’s Chicken last time as well.” However, Tarvin added that the price of the food is a little on the steep side.

Ethan Anderson, lead faculty in the English Language Institute, bought his lunch from the Yumbit Taiwanese Food Truck and said, “I think food trucks represent a shift in food on campus as we try to figure out what is the best for students. Food trucks to me mean more food options next school year.” Anderson also felt that having a Taiwanese food truck on campus, for example, could represent the diversity the students bring to our campus. “Food trucks offer options that are more reflective of a diverse campus, and the food from the cafeteria does not really represent a large number of international students we have on campus.” said Anderson. “My hope is that food trucks will happen a lot more on campus, and bring more diverse options to the school.”

Photograph by Eliot Gentiluomo, The Watchdog