Ask Rachelle: Weed

December 2, 2013 0

My boyfriend smokes a lot of weed. Not daily, but a few times a week. I don’t smoke at all and I think it’s a health hazard and a really […]

‘Tis the season for college apps

November 25, 2013 0

It’s that lovely time of year again—college application time! I wasn’t a very active applicant in high school, mostly because I already knew I was going to go to BC. […]

Ask Rachelle: Personal Growth

November 25, 2013 0

  This is my first year at college and it’s been a difficult transition. I recently acted on an impulse, resulting in actions that I would have never done four […]

BC wins gold at NCMPR conference

November 20, 2013 0

On Nov. 3-5, the Northwest Region convention of the National Council of Marketing and Public Relations hosted a conference where the Medallion Awards for 2013 were presented. The Medallion Awards […]

Ask Rachelle: Unhealthy Relationships

October 28, 2013 0

  Dear Rachelle, “I recently got out of a really, really intense relationship that was bordering unhealthy. But I’ve started something with someone new and I’m scared that I’ll never […]

Roles of parents

October 28, 2013 0

Whether you attend a traditional four-year college or a two-year school, college is an exciting time. It’s a time for fun. For experiencing firsts For self-discovery. For learning, For succeeding. […]

Ask Rachelle: Making Friends

October 7, 2013 0

Question: This is my first quarter at Bellevue College. I came here completely alone. It’s the second week and I still don’t know anyone. How do I meet people and […]

Hispanic Heritage Month brings samba to BC

September 30, 2013 0

  Last Thursday, Sept. 26, marked the first day of Bellevue College’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The first event focused primarily on Brazilian culture by featuring samba dancing. At […]

Find answers with Ombuds

September 30, 2013 0

Like many colleges, Bellevue College has incorporated an Ombuds office on campus. BC’s Ombuds office was established in 2007 and is a program that provides an impartial party to dispute […]

Robin Thicke vs. Miley Cyrus vs. us

September 30, 2013 0

Miley Cyrus’ and Robin Thicke’s performance at this year’s MTV VMAs is a topic that frankly has been completely and utterly exhausted. The Internet and various other media outlets are […]

Faculty original film: “Rocket Man”

August 2, 2013 0

This August, “Rocket Man and the Aerial Fortress,” the fourth installment in a series called “The Adventures of Rocket Man,” will premiere. The movie was co-written, directed and produced by […]

Seattle’s 48-hour Film Project

July 30, 2013 0

The annual 48 Hour Film Project is a city-by-city international competition that was created a little over 10 years ago in Washington D.C. Participants gather on Friday night where they […]

Student leaders come together

July 18, 2013 0

This year’s annual BellevueCollege leadership retreat, Camp Casey, took place on Whidbey Island from July 18-21. Every year camp attendees go to workshops and participate in activities to increase their […]

Students on the road to transferring

July 3, 2013 0

As a two-year school, Bellevue College sees many transfer students looking for a stepping stone to university. And though many come to BC with the hopes of transferring to a […]

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