Basketball player Marcus Tibbs moves beyond the break

The last big news that Bellevue College heard about men’s basketball player Marcus Tibbs was back in early February when Tibbs had his jaw broken during a game against Peninsula College. Since then, Tibbs has accomplished quite a few things while also powering through a slow, but successful recovery.

After BC’s game against Peninsula in early February, Tibbs was blindsided by a punch, straight in the jaw. As a result, he had his jaw wired for six weeks in order to heal his bones. Luckily, the injury will not affect his ability to play now that he has healed.

Since then, he has not only recovered but has expanded his skill and education outside of the United States. “My most notable accomplishment in the past couple of months would be moving onto another school, the University of Victoria,” located in Victoria, B.C.

For his future, Tibbs said that he is most looking forward to “playing in a new country with new rules.”

Although basketball is its off-season, Tibbs doesn’t ever really stop working towards being a better athlete. “I am constantly in the gym either coaching or playing,” said Tibbs. Tibbs coaches for Friends of Hoop while also playing in the Jamal Crawford summer program. Additionally, he just finished up the Bellevue College basketball summer program.

While BC is losing a great athlete, the University of Victoria will acquire a great asset to their new team.