SLU Goodwill Boutique

In South Lake Union, there is a place where you can purchase those usually pricey fancy brands for cheap. I’m talking $6—cheap, and it isn’t your average “Thrift Shop.” At Goodwill Boutique, you can find anything your heart desires. From wacky old belts, cute flats, sun dresses, yogurt machines, Frisbees, sweatshirts and more. The boutique does not resemble a typical warehouse like other second-hand stores; this store is a quarter of the size of a usual Goodwill.

Michele Troxel, unit manager and show producer of King 5’s “Evening Magazine” says, “It is the best of the best from Goodwill. You still have to pick through stuff to find crazy-amazing items. I truly get everything I need from shoes, dresses, jewelry, it’s awesome! I got a full-leather Nordstrom red purse for $12.99 when at retail price it would have been $150, easy. What is also cool is they have a seven day return policy. Their proceeds go to job-training, which is another reason why I like to support them.”

Troxel continued, “I don’t even retail shop anymore. I don’t need to. You can find everything there. Awesome jewelry, kids clothes, brands like Tommy Bahama and Coach, you name it.”

Eric Riddle, writer for “Evening” said, “I have gotten shoes, Brunomagli’s and Mephisto, that normally run for $2-300 retail and got them for  a quarter of the price.” This South Lake Union store has even inspired another talented individual from “Evening” to start “Thrifting-Thursday” by reporter Kim Holcomb, which will be aired on Thursdays, depending on what’s showing that week. From my own personal experience, I know that I was highly impressed with what I found at the boutique. I will admit, I was never one for second-hand clothes—until I was introduced to the “SLU.”

On certain days of the week, they have 50 percent off of red  and blue tags. This means that super cute black cocktail dress you’re going to get for $25 bucks is now $12.50. I may not be super rich, but I know what I like: fashion and low prices.

There is nothing more rewarding than buying something totally adorable that goes with anything and is comfortable for whatever day of the year, opposed to going to an over-priced, “hip” store and blowing the hundred dollars that I should have used for next months rent, on a few shirts,  pair of jeans, all made from scratchy material that I will wear once, or twice.

All in all, if you are looking for something different to wear, want to save a few pennies and are on a budget like most college kids you can find anything at the Goodwill Boutique. You may not always find exactly what you’re looking for, but once in a while you may find a perfect fit.