BC Homecoming parade showcases community, school spirit

A colorful cascade of carts cruised across campus to kick off Homecoming Week here at Bellevue College. A slightly rainy day did not stop Brutus the Bulldog, our school’s mascot, from leading the Spirit Day Golf Cart Parade from the K building parking lot to the E building and back just before lunchtime.

The carts were all decorated by campus organizations and programs. It was easy to see the care that went into decorating each cart as well. The Academic Advising cart, resplendent with its blue and silver balloons and streamers, looked like it should be carrying the homecoming queen. Pop culture references, most notably the TARDIS of Dr. Who and Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, made appearances as well. One cart even had a robotics lab on the back.

The Early Learning Center got in on the decorating fun by basing it’s cart on the recent internet song phenomenon “Baby Shark”. The children got to join in on the festivities as well! During the parade, as the cart passed in front of the Bellevue College Fountain, the children cheered it along. After the cart turned around, the children waved tiny little fish they made over their heads to ensure their shark had enough energy to make it to the finish line. It was an adorable moment that showed anyone can be a part of and enjoy our homecoming festivities.

Eastern Washington University at Bellevue College also had a cart in the Parade. It was a red and white celebration of EWU and also meant to showcase the friendly relationship between EWU and BC. Kyle McCrossin, Academic Advisor for EWUBC and Kelsey Cross, Outreach Coordinator for EWUBC, were at their cart early, to ensure the morning rain did not dampen their cart’s spirit.

When asked about their favorite part of their cart, Cross immediately answered with “The eagle nest on top! The poster is awesome too!” McCrossin explained that the poster showed a birds nest on a dog house, to symbolize the coexistence of the two colleges. The fact that the doghouse and bird nest on the poster resembled the homes of Snoopy and his best friend Woodstock, from the Peanuts comic strip, was no accident as well.

The Spirit Day Golf Cart Parade was simply the first of many exciting homecoming events happening all over the college. It was an amazing start for the homecoming celebrations, and everyone who participated did an amazing job of showing off Bellevue College spirit!