Bellevue College Hosts Campus Cleanup

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

On May 14, the Climate Justice Club, Breathe Easy BC, and the Office of Sustainability brought students and faculty together to assist in cleaning up Bellevue College’s campus. As participants readily convened at the C Building Plaza, those willing to extend a helping hand were provided with complimentary snacks, shirts, sunglasses and gloves before the process ultimately began.

A diverse crowd of community members similarly passionate about climate justice contributed to both the organization of the event and its execution. After an hour’s worth of work, participants lending their efforts gathered once more to dispose of the collected trash and commemorate the clean-up with a group photo. Tasked with the role of preserving campus grounds, the crowd soon dispersed with the mutual fulfillment of aiding the community and its shared space.

While environmental conservation won’t be accomplished with any one-time event, every voice raised in pursuit of climate justice is equally crucial to the cause. A sustainable future is only achievable through the life-long commitment and dedication of each person who seeks to protect it. As climate action often begins with community advocacy, an event as simple as a campus clean-up bears the potential to inspire a world of change.