BC soccer active during off-season

During the offseason, Andrew Croft and his team of Bellevue College soccer players has continued to be busy with soccer deeds. Though their official season takes part during the fall quarter, they also have an unofficial spring league. “It’s to keep the boys in shape,” says Croft, head coach of the men’s soccer team. “For me, the purpose is really to be able to see all the kids who showed interest in the fall and didn’t have a chance to join the team.” For everyone on the BC men’s soccer team, the players and the coach are all in soccer because it’s not just a part of their life. It is their life. During the offseason, the soccer players utilize the sunny weather to stay on the soccer field.

Zach Gallimore, a freshman midfielder, explained that the team is just a big family. Just like any brotherly relationship, “we yell at each other and things get heated, but in the end we talk it out and work through everything like family.” In the midst of the organized chaos is Croft, blending in with his players. Croft has been playing soccer his entire life. His passion for soccer comes through his coaching for the soccer players. “He’s really tough, but he’s also very understanding about everything,” says Ryan Morrisey,  a midfielder on the soccer field. Croft explains his position not just as a coach. “My goal is to make everybody eligible and on top of that, making sure they’re going above and beyond because I want everybody to go to a four year college or university after they’re done here.” There’s more teamwork involved and team-building,” says Morrisey, “but there’s no one there at our games. We need more people to come.” To that, Gallimore chimed in with his promotion of upcoming fundraisers that the men’s soccer team will be hosting. They include, but are definitely not limited to, a calendar of the players posing in various ways, car washes, even an auction. “Especially since it’s a commuter school, not many students care about sports. They just want to hurry and finish their year or two here and get out to work or start their career,” says Gallimore. Nevertheless, they’re all excited to play.